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Salad Days

Oh-so-fresh ideas for fabulous salads

Good Housekeeping Institute

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Good Housekeeping recipes tick all the boxes They look great They taste delicious Theyre easy to make Now, learn how to be a clever cook with this amazing new cookery series. Each Good Housekeeping salad recipe triple-tested for perfect results is guaranteed to stand the test of your occasion, be it a delicious Sunday brunch or a light weekday supper. Packed with good old favourites, tasty new ideas, save money, time and effort tips, up-to-date nutritional breakdown including protein and fibre, and savvy advice throughout, it couldnt be easier to create a naughty or nice salad for your family and friends. Enjoy! Other titles in the Good Housekeeping series include Bake Me a Cake, Easy Peasy, Al Fresco Eats, Let's Do Brunch, Cheap Eats, Gluten-free Easy, Low Fat Low Cal, Posh Nosh, Party Food, Flash in the Pan, Roast It!, Great Veg and Slow Stoppers Author Information The Good Housekeeping Institute was created in 1924 to provide readers of Good Housekeeping magazine with expert consumer advice and delicious easyto- follow recipes. These ideals still hold true today.

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