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God's Gravediggers

Why No Deity Exists

Raymond D Bradley

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Religion/Theologie


Few can offer a more experienced view on religion than Ray Bradley. Having been raised as a ‘winner of souls for Christ’ in the 1940s, he spent the next 40 years as an atheist professor of philosophy and an outspoken critic /debater of religion.   Revered for his work in logic and his meticulous approach to debate, God’s Gravediggers is Bradley’s coup de grâce to religion. A career’s worth of work on a subject that could hardly be more important. Approaching the moral, logical and scientific arguments – using rich analogies, rational arguments and examples that non-academics would understand – he explores not only whether God exists, but also what damage the concept of God does. A timely book in an age of religious fundamentalism, hatred and conflict.   “Bradley does not gloss over difficult points of logic and reasoning. A pleasure to read.” Professor Graham Oppy, Chair of Council of the Australasian Association of Philosophy   “From a young person's rejection of Christianity, to a mature philosopher's cogent critique of all religions. This compelling defense of atheism is a brilliant read.” Professor Robert Nola, University of Auckland.   “Bradley's forte is logic and he brings that to bear throughout the work. It is well-written and thoroughly absorbing.  I have nothing but praise for his project.” Theodore Drange, Professor Emeritus, West Virginia University

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science, logic, morality