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Surviving Medicine: The Med School Years

The med school years

Will Sloper

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Allgemeines


Being a medical student is challenging, intimidating and rewarding in equal measure. Medical students often get hung up on the stresses and strains of learning such a vast amount of information and the expectations upon them.

Surviving Medicine: the med school years is the perfect antidote to this stressful environment – the cartoons are light-hearted reflections on life as a medical student and highlight some of the absurdities you are likely to encounter.

But this book is much more than just a collection of funny, and often irreverent, cartoons. It provides real practical advice on surviving ward rounds, coping with doubt and anxiety and preparing for exams, amongst others. It also contains a weath of medical tips and knowledge to help you survive your time at medical school.

Most of the situations described in this book will crop up at some point as you progress through medical school and beyond. Consider them a rite of passage as you rack up the experience and confidence to look back and think, I can't believe I was scared of that...!

Amazon 5-star reviews:
“What makes the book really great is that, in combination with [the cartoons], the accompanying text contains lots of heartfelt, personal advice (especially Chapter 6) about how to deal with uncertainty and difficult clinical situations to go perfectly with the humour. I really recommend and will be flicking through it during finals revision for a laugh for sure."

"This is a well balanced book filled with humour and excellent, down to earth advice for medical students. Highly recommended"

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