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The Boxing Diaries

How I Got Hooked

Marion Dunn

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On turning fifty, Marion Dunn had a sudden desire to try out boxing. Despite the immense effort this required – the relentless, bone-sapping exhaustion of training with endless circuits and repeats – her whim quickly became a love affair with this most precise, disciplined of sports.

Her account of a quest to master its essential techniques is a story of obsession, determination and sheer graft. It is also a story of the small-town amateur boxing gym – its unique camaraderie, triumphs and setbacks – and a routine of punishing fitness training, a laser focus on balance, intense willpower. From the sweat and toil in shabby youth clubs and chilly old drill halls, Marion takes us through the three years’ preparation before she is ready to step into the ring and spar for real against opponents. Every movement, each micro-improvement, every emotion, is revelatory and inspirational.

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