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Generation Rent

Why You Can't Buy A Home Or Even Rent A Good One

Chloe Timperley

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''The housing crisis is just getting started,' warns Timperley in this important book.– MARTIN CHILTON, THE INDEPENDENT

'An essential read about a broken housing market.' – PETER APPS, INSIDE HOUSING

‘A lively account of arguably the country’s biggest social and economic problem.’ – MARTIN WOLF, FINANCIAL TIMES

For millions of Britons renting a home privately is the only option. By 2025, more people are expected to rent than own their own homes. Members of today’s Generation Rent who have done everything right - good education, good job - have been priced out of the property market for good.

In this razor-sharp account of how a nation of homeowners gave way to a generation of insecure renters haemorrhaging cash, Chloe Timperley tackles the myths and mysteries belying so many attempts to ‘fix’ Britain’s broken housing market. 

She reveals who’s being shafted, who’s cashing in — and the radical steps we must take to give everyone a good home, whether rented or owned.

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