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The End of Arthritis

Jarosław Niebrzydowski

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Ratgeber / Gesundheit


Dr Jarosław Niebrzydowski believes that treating arthritis is his calling in life. He has devoted much of the last 30 years to searching for the best method to help his patients, and here it is.This book is the culmination of decades of medical study and practice. For the first time, he presents his groundbreaking way of thinking about rheumatic diseases, as well as sharing his revolutionary approach to managing them. His radical method involves healingarthritis completely rather than just treatingthe disease and leaving patients with a lifetime of drug-taking and pain. It can work for patients of any age who suffer from the ongoing symptoms of this disease despite receiving traditional treatment. This method requires neither expensive drugs nor complex medical procedures, and is explained in simple jargon-free language so that anyone can benefit from it. This book can help anybody who suffers from arthritis or any other rheumatic disease to totally recover – for good. It is also a valuable tool for anyone who is at risk of developing a rheumatic diseaseas it includes an innovative prevention program.

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