The Pearl in the Ice

Cathryn Constable

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Belletristik / Fantasy


A thrilling and beautiful new novel from the best-selling author of The Wolf Princess.

Marina's father, a naval captain, has been away for most of her life—certainly since her mother died—and yet Marina feels the pull of an ocean she's never known. When sent to boarding school to learn to be a lady, Marina decides instead to stow away on her father's ship. A perilous voyage awaits—but where are they sailing to and why, and what has it to do with the dark shape in the deep that seems to be following them?

Praise for The Wolf Princess:

'An engrossing, deeply atmospheric story.' –Telegraph

'[Constable] knows you have only to give reality a slight push to make it marvellous. A classic winter's tale.' –Financial Times

'A very special debut with a spellbinding fairytale ambiance. Contemporary but deliciously nostalgic ...' –The Bookseller

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Cathryn Constable
Cathryn Constable
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