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Inspirational and Motivational Short Stories

128 Inspiring Stories with Life Changing Wisdom to live by (moral stories, self-help stories)

Barry Phillips

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Back in the dim mists of time when Twitter was a bird sound and Facebook was two separate and unrelated words, storytelling was the first form of communication, and it's one of the first forms of communication that we encounter as children. We learn and retain stories before we can even read.As humans we crave stories. We love to hear stories and we love to share stories. There is a power in stories that can transform our lives - they capture our imagination and emotions, they can illustrate a teaching in a powerful way, and they can inspire and motivate us.Storytelling is an essential part of every culture worldwide. It is how civilizations pass on insights from one generation to the next. It is how religions pass on their sacred teachings. And it is how we as parents share our values and lessons.Want to make a point or raise an issue? Then tell a story!This hand-picked collection includes some of the most amazing stories ever told by famous business leaders, bestselling writers, public speakers and spiritual leaders.The book is designed to allow you to dip in and out of it, at your leisure, and in any order.Enjoy the book, and take the time to discover the possible meanings for your life.

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