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Stop Shoulding Start Wanting

How to listen to your heart, find your voice and transform duty into desire

Judith Quin

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“Judith is your accessible life coachand voice coach rolled into one.” - Janey Lee Grace, BBC Radio 2 Presenter“This wonderful life guide iseasy-to-read and fun to follow.” - Rachel Elnaugh, entrepreneur, original Dragons' Den 'Dragon'The first step to finding your voice is listening to yourself. The next step is deciding what you want, or are willing to do.If you are ready to eliminate the feeling of obligation from your life...If you don't want to be doing things only out of a sense of duty...If you want to start listening to your inner voice ratherthan the voices of those around you or of the past...This book is for you.It's time to make a positive choice about those things you feel like you 'should' be doing and either ditch them from your life, or turn around the way you think about them and decide to WANT to do it instead. It's time to transform duty to desire.It's time to "Stop 'Should-ing'. Start Wanting"

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