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The Goldfish

Ikhda Ayuning Maharsi Degoul

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Belletristik / Lyrik, Dramatik


The Goldfish is a sumptuous, surreal exploration of femininity. The poet inhabits the voice of a goldfish through a series of linguistically experimental poems which plunge us into the glass bowl and invite us to gaze out. The poems are in turn sensual, spiky, and queasy, as the poet satirizes the patriarchy and issues a rallying cry for women broken down by society. Halfway through the book, the scope opens out to the world beyond the goldfish bowl, via the story of a free spirit passing through customs, a paean "to our white husbands", and a letter which heals old wounds.  An extract from 'How to Take Care of a Goldfish': Fresh air Fresh water Fresh mood everyday Being goldfish means being able to forget anything bitter or joyous In two minutes The advantage of being goldfish is having a big world in a small space Being goldfish is to be kind to all living things To be joyful To be accepting Being goldfish is to swim fast and faster everyday to build a mémoire to swim fast and faster everyday and not going anywhere

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Indonesian, feminism, surrealism, surrealist poetry