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Empowered By Style

Dress for your personality. Look great and feel confident every day.

Mary Grant

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You have seven seconds to make an impression, so how you present yourself matters. Yet with ever-changing trends and overwhelming choice, where do you start?

For 25 years, fashion designer, Mary Grant, has observed how life’s challenges can shake women’s confidence and leave them feeling stuck. Indeed, she found herself in that position before a significant birthday. In desperation, she pulled every item out of her wardrobe and created her foolproof Assess, Evolve, Refresh system. She now uses this to build effortless wardrobes for women that make them feel empowered and positive every day. In this book, she shares her unique method with you.

She also teaches you how to:

  • Develop your signature style
  • Flatter your body shape
  • Use colour effectively

This isn’t about following trends, it’s about focusing on you, so there are exercises throughout to help you clarify your thinking and start taking action.

When you dress for yourself and have a signature style that says you are the leading lady in your own life, the world takes notice. When you have a system to do this, it becomes effortless.


"I went from having a career and a love of clothes to becoming a stay at home mum of three. Somewhere along the way, I lost me. Mary Grant came to the rescue. I’ve found a style that is ageless and timeless and is ME... when other people start to admire your clothes and how you look, you begin to believe in yourself once more. With that belief comes confidence and you once more find your voice and your inner goddess." 

- Jan O’Donoghue



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