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Fall of the firstborn

Daniel Mountney

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Belletristik / Fantasy


Something stirs in the depths of Mistwood, a timeless evil almost forgotten. The Curse, long in slumber, has awoken, and First Earth is about to fall...

It is an age of paradise. From their Circle, the Firstborn people rule the realms of land, sea and sky. But when plague erupts to blight the forests and creatures they have given life to, not even their great powers can stem its insidious spread. None can deny it is the Curse awakened – nor that their paradise is lost.

With the rise of a sinister faction that threatens the foundations of the Circle, there grows a canker from within as well as without, spawned by enemies as elusive as shadows. And when friends turn foes and loved ones fall to darkness, even the surest swords waver.

Surrounded by enemies, and with lands ravaged by plague, Deorwine the champion must break through a web of lies and deceits if he is to unravel the mysteries of the Curse and stop the downward spiral towards civil war. But Deorwine must discover an evil truth before all is lost – that the Curse is not nearly what is thought, and lurks far closer than anyone imagines...

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historical, Fantasy, saga, battle, curse