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What Every Parent Should Know About Education

How knowing the facts can help your child succeed

Stuart Kime, Chris Atherton

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  • What do you really know about how children learn?
  • How helpful are different types of assessment and what do the results mean?
  • Is homework necessary and how you can you encourage your child at home?
  • Will ability groups and setting help your child achieve more? 
  • How do you choose the right school to suit your child?

The government and the media have a lot to say about education, but what is the evidence behind these debates? This book walks you through all the most important issues in education, comparing commonly-held beliefs with simple summaries of the evidence, providing you with clear, jargon-free information. It covers topics including school choice, testing and assessment, homework and revision, primary- and secondary-specific topics, stress and mental health, and special needs. Most importantly it ensures you will be able to ask schools the right questions, interact positively with teachers and effectively support your child throughout their education.

"Chris & Stuart have written a parent's guide that is jam packed with practical advice, research and informative summaries that any parent can use to support their child to succeed at school. It's organised so you can easily dip in and out when looking for information and guidance, and gives answers to questions that parents may have about their child's education. I recommend this book to all parents & guardians that want to work alongside their child's school to get the best out of their time there." 
Dawn Cox, Teacher and Blogger



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