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Essential Guides for Early Career Teachers: Special Educational Needs and Disability

Anita Devi

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Schule und Lernen / Unterrichtsvorbereitung


Provides you with the required knowledge and skills development around special educational needs and disability (SEND) as you progress through your early teaching career.  Using an audit tool, the text builds on any previous training enabling you to ground and embed your practice for children and young people presenting with SEND. It recognises the increasing challenges you may face and distils the theoretical into usable techniques in the classroom. Critical but also practical, the text guides you through research-based concepts and reflective tasks central to understanding and supporting issues around SEND.

The Essential Guides for Early Career Teachers provide accessible, carefully researched, quick-reads for early career teachers, covering the key topics they will encounter during their training year and first two years of teaching.  They complement and are fully in line with the new Early Career Framework and are intended to assist ongoing professional development by bringing together current information and thinking on each area in one convenient place.

These books are suitable for both primary and secondary schools.

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