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A Critical Guide to the SEND Code of Practice 0-25 Years (2015)

Caroline Wheatley, Janet Goepel, Jackie Scruton, et al.

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A practical guide to the SEND Code of Practice for trainees, teachers and other health and social care professionals working with children and young people who present with special educational needs or disability. Parents, carers and families of these children will also find it invaluable.

This accessible guide sets out the statutory rules and responsibilities for all those involved as detailed in the code of practice and helps you to understand and interpret these in context through case studies and critical insights. It fills the gap between policy and practice for all those working in this area from primary through to FE.

Professionals and practitioners will be able to identify complexity and dilemmas, understand perspectives that may be different from their own, and consider theoretical frameworks that encourage and support critical thinking and reflection.

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SENCOs, special needs teaching, SEND statutory guidance, SEND roles and responsibilities