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Communication Skills for your Policing Degree

Jane Bottomley, Steven Pryjmachuk, Martin Wright, et al.

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If you are embarking on a university criminology, policing or other law enforcement professional degree, the books in this series will help you acquire and develop the knowledge, skills and strategies you need to achieve your goals. They provide support in all areas important for university study, including institutional and disciplinary policy and practice, self-management, and research and communication. Tasks and activities are designed to foster aspects of learning which are valued in higher education, including learner autonomy and critical thinking, and to guide you towards reflective practice in your study and work life.

Communication Skills for your Policing Degree provides you with a sound knowledge and understanding of:

  • how to improve your oral and written communication skills in a range of academic and professional settings
  • a range of strategies for improving your public speaking, including academic presentations
  • a range of techniques for improving your practical writing and speaking skills.

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