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Life as a clinical psychologist

What is it really like?

Paul Jenkins

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Considering a career as a Clinical Psychologist? This book is an ideal, jargon-free introduction for those wishing to find out more about working in this demanding but rewarding mental health profession. 


An accessible text that invites you to think critically about whether becoming a Clinical Psychologist is right for you, questioning and challenging your views and providing an honest perspective of life as a clinical psychologist. 


Written from personal experience of over 10 years working in applied psychology, with a unique knowledge of the practice, theory, and application of Clinical Psychology, Paul Jenkins provides a first-hand perspective, blending anecdotes with factual advice on the clinical academic culture. It is also packed with case studies which highlight a range of different career pathways (including in other mental health fields) and includes coverage of post-qualification life to gives the reader a sense of the career you can have after training. 

"If you are considering clinical psychology as a career, this excellent book is essential reading. Paul Jenkins describes the pathway to professional qualification, and all aspect of the job in an exciting and informative style." Alan Carr, PhD  Professor of Clinical Psychology, University College Dublin



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