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Hold On While I Hang On

Behnoush Babzani

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Sachbuch / Biographien, Autobiographien


"Behnoush Babzani is no stranger to tragedy. A rare blood disorder meant risky treatments and agonizing recoveries. Terrifying diagnoses for the mother whose unwavering support she leaned on and for her own future as a parent threatened to break her spirit. But she denied despair and found her way to a resilient, life-affirming faith in the potency of love. Empowered by this inner strength, she conquered overwhelming obstacles, finding courage and joy she didn’t realize she had.

In this moving memoir, Behnoush shares her insightful path to discovering emotional health despite tragic circumstances. With a positive mindset and meaningful relationships fueling her sense of self and happiness, you’ll be inspired no matter what you or your loved ones face.

Hold On While I Hang On is one woman’s compelling account of overcoming crushing tragedy through community and a positive mindset. If you like inspirational true-life stories, beating insurmountable odds, and messages of hope, then you’ll love Behnoush Babzani’s extraordinary journey. "

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tragedy, true-life, Autobiographical, survival, inspirational, Memoir, Novel