What Can You See?

Jason Korsner

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Kinder- und Jugendbücher / Bilderbücher


Look at the table.What can you see?A fruit bowl, a cakeand a big cup of tea.A gentle rhyming text encouraging young children to look at the world and relish in the objects around them, from everyday items found in the home to more far-off places, like the jungle and sky. Young children will love pointing out all the things mentioned in the text in Hannah Rounding's detailed illustrations.Written by Jason Korsner and illustrated by Hannah Rounding.'The gentle rhyme leads the reader through the world, asking you to observe, to look closer, find the great variety of things that whirl past our vision daily. It's a perfect book to interest even babies and the youngest children to look more carefully.' Mary Esther Judy, Fallen Star Stories'aaAinvites little ones to develop their observation skills as they focus on in turn a table laid for tea, a lounge, the garden, the sky, the jungle, a flower and a host of other focal points to locate the objects named in the relevant verse in Hannah Rounding's delectable illustrations.' Jill Bennett, Red Reading Hub'A collection of gently rhyming verses which encourage the young to look at the world around them. Children and adults will have great fun spotting themes and will be inspired to play spot the object. What's on your plate, in the bathroom, lounge or garden? A fun way to play a game, explore your home and take a break from the digital world if necessary. Gorgeous pen and wash illustrations make this a treat.' Zoe James-Williams, South Wales Evening Post

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