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The Ultimate IMAT Collection

New Edition, all IMAT resources in one book: Guide, Mock Papers, and solutions from the IMAT from UniAdmissions

Dr Rohan Agarwal

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Want to know how to improve your IMAT scores and impress the International medical schools of your dreams?
The IMAT is one of the hardest admissions tests to prepare for in the world, but if you dream of studying medicine at a prestigious medical school, you've got to ace it.

In a brand new second edition from UniAdmissions, the UK’s leading Oxbridge and Medical Admissions company, The Ultimate IMAT Collection combines hints and tips from all of our existing materials into a single substantial volume. This book gives you access to exam practice, detailed walkthroughs, and strategies normally reserved for the most elite and exclusive coaching courses.
When you’re applying for Medicine, the top universities expect an exceptional IMAT score. A notoriously difficult test, the IMAT assesses your advanced knowledge of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Maths in addition to your logical reasoning and thinking skills – all within a tight time limit. Your score can make or break your application, and this book is the only one you can buy with all of the information and practice materials you'll need.
Written by IMAT specialists, doctors and top medical tutors, and full of insider knowledge and tips, The Ultimate IMAT Collection is designed to help you make the most of your preparation, approach the test with confidence, and get those top scores.

  • The Ultimate IMAT Guide – contains comprehensive information about the International Medical Admissions Test (IMAT), including tips, techniques and strategies to save you time and maximise your scores. Covers each of the four sections in detail, and prepares you for all question types that you’ll face in the exam, and how to approach them successfully, including sample essays. Also includes over 600 practice questions and fully worked solutions covering every question type and area of the specification, so you can practice your skills and understand how to improve.
  • IMAT Practice Papers Volumes 1 & 2 – contains mock papers updated EVERY YEAR: Full mock exam papers you won't find anywhere else. Get the edge over your competition by running practice papers they'll never have seen - all of them also include fully worked solutions to help you improve your scores.
  • IMAT Worked Solutions Volume 1 & 2 – clear, thorough, and extensive solutions to the real exam papers, written by experts, providing worked solutions and sample answers to ensure you can put your learning into practice. Including the fully worked solutions to EVERY PAPER updated EVERY YEAR.
Hungry for more? Visit the Uni Admissions website for even more admissions test tips, personal statement resources, and application support.

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