Transforming Performance at Work

The Power of Positive Psychology

Sarah Alexander

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Part of the Business in Mind series, this book examines how positive psychology can transform performance at work and is an essential read for anyone looking to both grow in their professional career and improve their well-being. it is equally appropriate for employees or for managers and leaders  looking to increase performance in their teams and departments.

The modern workplace has been changing in response to a global pandemic, and there has been a higher demand for more flexible working patterns and an increased focus on mental health and well-being in the workplace. This book gives organisations the tools to create a positive work environment so that everyone's mental health and well-being at work can thrive.

Positive psychology is described as the science of happiness and the study of how people can flourish. The book deconstructs the idea that being a high-flyer means high stress and shows how flourishing teams - those that are happy and well - can be high-performing teams. It describes practical ideas, tips and tools for learning and development that can be employed at individual, team and organisational levels to achieve the dual aim of performance and positivity.



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