Intelligence-led Policing

Craig Hughes

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Intelligence-led Policing clearly explains the distinction between information and intelligence, and discusses how to gather, analyse and utilise intelligence to inform decision making in practice.

It relates all areas of intelligence within the investigative process and contextualises its use in line with the National Intelligence Model (NIM) as part of routine working practice. It develops a knowledge base by identifying six tiers of policing intelligence architecture, exploring the concept of intelligence as it applies to strategic, tactical and practice levels of operational policing. A great mix of theory and practice to help students explore how information can become useful intelligence including the process through which it goes and the importance of intervention points.

The Professional Policing Curriculum in Practice is a new series of books that match the requirements of the new pre-join policing qualifications. The texts reflect modern policing, are up-to-date and relevant, and grounded in practice. They reflect the challenges faced by new students, linking theory to real-life operational practice, while addressing critical thinking and other academic skills needed for degree-level study.

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