My Momo-la is a Museum

Mamta Nainy

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Kinder- und Jugendbücher / Kinderbücher bis 11 Jahre


A child and their grandmother take a trip around the museums of the city, only to find that the further they walk, the closer to home their journey seems to take them...

Momo-la is a collector of unusual things. She rummages through her collection of stories whenever she comes to visit. When her grandchild asks where her stories come from, she takes them on a trip around the museums of the city, pointing out that there are stories behind every work of art, every sculpture, every invention.

But as the child sees exhibit after exhibit, they realise that each one reminds them of their Momo-la – the clothes she wears, the keepsakes she carries, and the memories she shares of her Tibetan home. Could the museum the child knows the best and loves the most be right on their doorstep all along?

A gorgeously-written story about the love of a grandmother for her grandchild, the precious memories we carry and the treasures we keep in the hope of passing them down to the next generation.

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painting, Tibet, sculpture, stories, generational wisdom, grandmother, exhibition