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Against The Stars

Christopher Hartland

ca. 6,49 (Lieferbar ab 18. April 2023)
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Kinder- und Jugendbücher / Jugendbücher ab 12 Jahre


When Elliot starts questioning his sexuality on prom night, he's desperate for some certainty and turns to GlimpseTech, a company offering all over-sixteens the chance to glimpse a vision of their future. But Elliot's Glimpse only makes him more confused, showing him in an intimate moment with Seb, the 'one gay kid' in his year at school.

Seb, meanwhile, has not time to worry about Glimpses, not while he's dealing with his mum's depression and the man showing up at his house demanding money. But then he bumps into Elliot, and bumps into him again, and it seems like the universe is pulling them together.

Despite Elliot keeping his Glimpse a secret from Seb, and despite the vast differences between their lives, undeniable feelings begin to develop. But tensions are building in the world around them. People are protesting against the Glimpse technology, and there are rumors about the so-called Last Day: the day beyond which no one has ever seen in their Glimpse. A day which is drawing ever closer.

Against The Stars is an exploration of class, love, and destiny, perfect for fans of Adam Silvera's They Both Die At The End. This speculative, queer romance will have readers desperate to know how things turn out, but if given the choice would you glimpse ahead?



gay, lgbtq, teen, queer, sexuality, teen issues, romance, scifi, drama, destiny, young adult, lgbt, speculative fiction, mental health, fate, science fiction