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A Family Guide to Living Well with Dementia

Jayna Patel, Liz Leach Murphy

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This book takes the practical approaches and tools provided in 'Living a Good Life with Dementia' and applies them to the family context to help families support a loved one with dementia.

A Family Guide to Living Well with Dementia aims to help families and carers gain knowledge and insight to be able to support the person with dementia to live life as they wish. It elaborates on the concept of Self-Directed Support and Care for people living with dementia and links the various Person Centred approaches to dementia care with Person Centred Planning and Community based approaches. This easy-to-follow and accessible guide contains information that is intended to support people to plan for how they want to live their life, receive their care, and for end-of-life planning.

Also included in this book is information about people's rights within the health and social care legislation, insight into behaviour and methods of communication as well as the options available to people in way of support, paid and community-based. The concept of the Dementia Care Triad (people living with dementia, unpaid carers and professional carers) is explored and developed further to include the layer of community.

Often people who have been diagnosed with dementia and their families report feeling lost and not sure what to do apart from learning to adapt and find a way to do their best in what can often be difficult circumstances. This book provides easy, engaging, and practical content for things to consider and conversations to have so as to be able to provide the best care and support on a basis of sound understanding from everyone involved.

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national dementia strategies, person-centred planning and community, care and support with dementia, self-directed support, health and social care, person-centred approaches