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The Greatest Togger Story Ever Told

The Raiders of Leaf

Stephen J Ward

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Kinder- und Jugendbücher / Kinderbücher bis 11 Jahre


Sometimes giving your best is just not enough. Circumstances may demand that you give more.

At all costs King Marawder must find the HE, the son of Sola, his god. To do so his Raiders Togger team must lose, but nobody is good enough to beat them. Marawder challenges and defeats each land in turn and sends the beaten Togger players to their fate on 'The Run'. A Togger skills test so difficult that only the son of god could complete it. 

Thrifty MacFlash and the Zoom hatch a plan to prevent Aphidia becoming part of Marawder's empire. Thrifty captains the international Togger team and sets out to face the unbeatable Raiders. The Zoom puts together a united team of Legends to back the aphidians up. Can Marawder be stopped? Is this the end of Aphidian Togger and the world of Ento? Only Thrifty's skills the Zooms grit can tip the balance between life………….and death.

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The Greatest Togger Story Ever Told - The Raiders of Leaf