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Missing Time

Terry Edwards

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Belletristik / Science Fiction, Fantasy


Roger Crandle is missing time. Thirty years old, skint, out of work, he lives in a small council flat in South London. Deborah, an American hypnotherapist, offers to help him recover his lost memories. Fifty-six years old by the calendar, she looks around twenty-five, Roger finds himself inexplicably drawn to her. And why is Henry, his curious double with strange powers, apparently stalking him? Henry mingles with aliens on the moon and borrows their flying saucers to get around. A group of secret agents from a mysterious ‘Black’ organisation is trying to eliminate him. Another group is protecting him. To complicate matters Henry falls in love with Jensine, a female psychiatrist, providing Black Ops agents a perfect way to blackmail him. How are Roger and Henry connected? Will Roger resolve the secret of his missing time?  



time travel, titans, virtual reality, moon bases, UFOs, parallel universes, the new earth, extraterrestrials, androids, hoodies, aliens, life after death, telekinesis, temporal anomalies, men in black