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Sorceress Of Truth

J.D. Groom

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Ratgeber / Sammeln, Sammlerkataloge


17 year old Tory Harper wants nothing more than to fit in. Her relentless classmates made her school life hell, and so she adopted a loner lifestyle, investing her time in study and music. When a surprise promotion triggers a family relocation, a change of schools is in order, and exactly what she needs.

In fact, Tory's relieved to be welcomed into a group of girls who all live together, and they quickly become the source of her newly found social life. On one of their outings Tory is introduced to the remainder of the housemates and is especially enraptured by Kylan, the 'big brother' with a troubled past of his own.

But, when a house party turns into a massacre and a familiar face reveals herself to be a vampire, Tory is plunged headfirst into a world of magic, mystery, and treacherous evils. No one is as they first appeared, sending Tory's life into a spiral.

A faction of rogue vampires and fae want Tory. Her blood may be the key to awaken a demon capable of destroying the world as we know it, a demon she is tied to in more ways than she could possibly know.

Can Tory prevent the demon from rising? Failing isn’t an option, but when nothing is as it seems, who can she trust to help her stop them?

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Paranormal, Angel, Friends, Vampire, Young Adult, Fantasy, Magic, Female Protagonist, Demon, Romance, UK