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A Funeral Service

An easy to read, practical guide to support families through the painful process of planning the funeral service of a loved one

Paul Hickman

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When grief hits, it’s personal. It can shred your emotions, turn your world upside down, and you may struggle to cope.

The sting is with those left behind, and when faced with this extremely personal and painful situation, it can be hard to know what to do next, which is how this book will help.

A Funeral Service is a practical guide that can ease families through the process of planning a funeral service for a loved one, so they can feel comfortable making their own choices of music, readings, poems and prayers.

As well as including advice and guidance on the practicalities of what happens and when in a funeral service, it offers a selection of suitable music, poems, readings, hymns, scriptures and prayers to make things easier during this difficult time.

The author has supported hundreds of families and conducted the funerals of their loved ones, and this book is designed to support the outstanding work of Funeral Directors, Funeral Arrangers, Celebrants, Ministers and Chapel Attendants.

The book can be used by families, Funeral Directors, nursing homes and charities, and is timeless.

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