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Mystic Agent

Sir Patrick Bijou

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


A species on the verge of extinction, a childhood tragedy turned life-long obsession, and a series of mysterious kidnappings - these three things are interconnected. Captain Rhуѕ Forester and Agent Anаlіѕе Shерhеrd are about to find out how.

Rhys and his ilk are facing the consequences of a centuries-old disease - not enough female werewolves are being born and packs throughout are faced with the threat of extinction.

This drives the council to encourage werewolves to mate with humans. If it were up to Rhys, as an alpha, he wouldn't dream of it. Yet, it was necessary. As long as there was consent from human females, Weres were allowed their pick.

But when kidnappings started happening, Rhys and his pack were in danger of being discovered, especially since the one leading the charge is a highly intelligent, no-nonsense FBI agent like Anаlіѕе Shерhеrd.

Working as the Riverton Police Captain, Rhys would rather rip her throat off and claw her eyes out before he would let a human take charge.

But even he can't deny that her fervor and focus were unparalleled. She was determined to figure the case out and find the missing girls if it's the last thing she does.

What Rhys doesn't know is that Analise has somewhat of a traumatic past. One that puts her on the path toward seeking justice, not just for her and her family but also for all of the victims in all of her cases.

However, there seems to only be room for one real alpha in this dynamic. As the two continually butt heads, they soon realized that they're more alike than they would even dare to admit.

Will Rhys and Analise be able to set aside their big egos long enough to actually work together and solve the case?

Will they realize that their hatred for each other is actually highly palpable and intoxicating sexual tension?

If yes, will this spell more trouble on the horizon?

Find out in "Mystic Agent" - an enthralling four-part werewolf romance series that is guaranteed to keep you glued to every page!

If you're looking for a spell-binding action thriller romance, then this series will be your next favorite book!

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