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The Sky Lines Alliance

Sue Parritt

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


The egalitarian nation of Aotearoa may be a safe haven for freedom fighters, but former Sky commander Breta yearns for more. The sudden build-up of troopers in the southern Brown Zone, and a conviction that someone is still betraying the Women’s Line, provide a stimulating assignment.
Breta gets more than he bargained for during his clandestine visit to the bay region, but this only serves to strengthen his resolve to implement an alliance between the Sky pilots, the Kauri-Australia Line (KAL) and the Women’s Line to overthrow the totalitarian Australian government.
The situation alters when villagers in the northern Brown Zone stage their own small but successful insurrection - the Sky Lines Alliance is formed and Operation Unity begins. But they’ll soon discover that radical change cannot be achieved without recourse to the dark side.

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environment, space travel, New Zealand, immigration, Australia, Aoteroa, climate change