A Triumph Over Adversity

Maria Bayfield

ca. 18,30
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This is a story of hope. Of a life reclaimed after years of physical and psychological abuse on every level, metered out by those who should have been her protectors. A story of a girl who believed she was worthless trash because those closest to her told her so on a daily basis. After years of suffering she finally broke free to find a world that cared. The writer takes us on a journey from her childhood through to her need to bring to a close the suffering she was going through. A simple kind word was enough to spark something in her that had her believe she perhaps wasn't the tramp, the trollop, the guttersnipe she had for so long believed. This is an inspirational read because it is a testament that no matter how difficult and challenging life is, you can find happiness and your purpose in life. It is up to you

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