The Lyndi Tree

An Autobiography of Hope

JA Ginn Fourie

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Sachbuch / Biographien, Autobiographien


Margot Edwards, Writer, editor and community artist

Ginn tells us a giant story in which her own beliefs and experiences, as inheritor of white colonial narratives, stand parallel with her Nation and Africa's proud, defiant and resilient indigenous warriors; impacting each other in the complex struggle for liberation and meaning. Ginn navigates massive internal and external landscapes in times of war, trauma, fractured peace, conciliation and forgiveness in South Africa and Zimbabwe, with a high intellect and an open heart, alongside fascinating perspectives from writings by Letlapa and his countrymen, and members of her farming family. A timely book.

Dr. Shelley Bradfield, Author, researcher and academic

An extraordinary journey chronicled by Ginn who tenaciously re ects on the meaning of life - and death - her orientation to pain, the Divine, and human interconnections across continents. Inspirational, gut-wrenching, and beautiful.

Dr. Ian Hartley, Teacher, administrator and pastor

The author has created a gripping, page turning saga of her life. The reader is caught up in the drama of the antagonistic forces of different people groups. Additional value is in the insights and summaries she brings to historical events in the last few hundred years, especially in Southern Africa. Part of the good that Ginn has created out of the evil that befell her is this book. A must read on practical conciliation and forgiveness.

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