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Leaping the Hurdles

The Essential Companion Guide for International Medical Graduates on their Australian Journey

Issam Muteir

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Medizin


Are you an International Medical Graduate and want to practise medicine in Australia? It is a complicated pathway to getting a job. There are many challenges to overcome.

Dr Issam Muteir is a general physician and cardiologist from Iraq who has firsthand experience negotiating the Australian Healthcare system as an

overseas doctor.

In Leaping the Hurdles, Dr Muteir guides International Medical Graduates (IMGs) to navigate their own way through this new environment.

Leaping the Hurdles covers a range of topics from applying and interviewing for jobs, communication and working as part of a multi disciplinary team,

legal and ethical issues, different pathways for practice and cultural differences in Australian society. Of course, the Australian Football League

and Aussie Barbeques are included.

Dr Muteir also includes examples of his own experience and that of other IMGs, as well as offering simple tips that make a big difference.

Written in an accessible and easy-to-read manner, Leaping the Hurdles will help IMGs to navigate their way through the Australian Health system much quicker and easier than they would without it.

As many hurdles as there are to overcome, Dr Muteir encourages all graduates not to give up on their dream of working in Australia.

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