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Early Christian Witnesses

Biblical and Theological Explorations

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Religion/Theologie


The articles and talks included in this collection cover fifty years of theological engagement, the primary focus being on education for ministry in Australia and abroad. Despite the diversity of topics, such as hermeneutics, New Testament theology, preaching, ecumenical relations, and early church history, there is a connecting concern to listen to the unique voices of early Christian witnesses as foundational for the faith and the apostolic claims of the church in its present-day witness. The publication of these essays has been suggested for some time. Despite my reluctance to reissue articles written over a period of more than five decades, I have relented in the hope that there will be enough to engage the interest of a variety of readers, and not only former students in seminaries and theological colleges in Australia and various places overseas. Included here are mainly articles written specifically for publication in journals, but also lectures and talks to various groups of clergy, lay people, and theological students. Of prime concern has always been the explication of the Christian faith according to its earliest witnesses in the early church of apostles and martyrs. Faith remains attested and lived, approved not proven.



Religious Studies, Theology, Christianity, Biblical Studies