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Pete the Platypus Discovers the Joys Of Pickleball

Victoria Pounder, Shaun Pounder

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Kinder- und Jugendbücher / Kinderbücher bis 11 Jahre


Discover the amazing rewards of playing Pickleball!

Join Pete the Platypus on a heartwarming journey as he swaps his devices and social media for a paddle and a community in "Pete the Platypus Discovers the Joys of Pickleball."

In this story, Pete discovers an exciting new game called pickleball, experiencing the joy of playing and sharing laughs with friends and family.

Through vibrant and lively illustrations, we join Pete as he masters hitting the ball and meets a host of animal friends from across the globe who enjoy the fun of playing pickleball together.

This pickleball children's book series is perfect for children who love sports, animals and adventure. They will want to read it over and over again

Young readers can start by reading only the last word on every line, then work their way through the whole story.

This book is a fantastic way to introduce your loved ones to Pickleball! 

Explore This Action-Packed Racquet Sports Adventure Where Pete Learns About A Brand-New Game Called Pickleball. He Finds Out How Amazing It Is To Play Pickleball, And Quickly Makes New Animal Friends From All Around The World, Becoming Part Of A Joyful Community.

Grab Your Pickleball Paddle Now And Join Pete On This Educational Adventure!

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