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Next Top Mannequin

T.K. Wrathbone

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Kinder- und Jugendbücher / Jugendbücher ab 12 Jahre


What could possibly go wrong during a two week modelling course at a prestigious modelling company? A lot! Twelve year old Delany Jane Chester and her best friend, Macy Compton, have won the prestigious Top Modelistè Fashion and Beauty Agency two week summer course competition. Two whole weeks of fashion, fun and beauty blitzes, and they cannot wait. But things start to happen and they give Dell the chills, especially when walking the hallway of mannequins, a long red glossy hallway with twenty-five very real and very lifelike mannequins that look exactly like the past twenty-five graduate winners of the course. Their eyes follow Dell wherever she goes and nightmares soon arise, sending her into sensory overload. Something is very wrong at Top Modelistè and she sets out to prove what it is…but will that be the biggest mistake of her life.