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Riding Shotgun - The Autobiography of the Original Wizard of Oz

Andy Bernal

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The son of Spanish immigrants, born in Canberra, Andy Bernal's incredible life journey has spanned three continents - Australia, Europe and South America - and some of the world's biggest names in football. A graduate of the AIS, he was the first Australian to play in La Liga. He went on to play with Ipswich Town, six seasons with Reading, five seasons with Sydney Olympic in the NSL, and 21 games with the Socceroos from 1989 to 1996. 
On retirement, he became an agent with global giants SFX which included time spent with David Beckham in Madrid. The low points of his life included being arrested because of a link to a sting operation as part of a global media scandal, followed by further high points via World Cup scouting, and meeting the love of his life.
Ultimately, 'Riding Shotgun' is also a tale of life, hope and redemption that is raw, honest and heartfelt.
Just as Andy Bernal, defender, left nothing out on the pitch, 'Riding Shotgun' leaves no aspect of Andy's life unexamined or unturned. It is a compelling read.

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