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To See The Light Return

a Brexitopian novel

Sophie Galleymore Bird

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Belletristik / Lyrik, Dramatik


Decades into the future, in a disUnited Kingdom, the breakaway county of Devon harbours dark secrets as its leader, Mayor Spight, trades with the rogue state of New Jersey to keep the engines of state running. Resistance agents are working against the clock to restore power to the people, but time is running out.

Young Primrose, tithed by her parents to serve the county, tries to escape the horrors of the fate planned for her. Her childhood friend Will must rescue his comrade Mal before he becomes a guinea pig for the Mayor’s latest scheme. Will they live to see the light return or will the dark intent of Spight and his minions win out?

A tale of extreme energy extraction, resilience and redemption.

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