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Not Too Long Ago

Stories of a Traditional Way of Life

Garry Cranford

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Not Too Long Ago is back by popular demand in this newly revised and expanded edition! In this volume, today's senior citizens talk about some of the more exciting and memorable moments of their lives growing up in Newfoundland and Labrador. Read these richly detailed biographies, and meet: Charlie Bown — Bell Island Miner Arthur Clarke — Ambulance Driver Howard Elliott — Big Game Outfitter Margaret Giovannini — Outport Nurse Gordon Lannon — Train Conductor Howard Lethbridge — Trapper Jack May — Lighthouse Keeper Frank Mercer — Newfoundland Ranger Florence Michelin — Grenfell Nurse George Snow — Lumberman Hubert Waterman — Twillingate Fisherman Millie Young — Port au Port Midwife . . . and many more who share experiences from various walks of life: true stories of shipwrecks and sailors, moonshine and home remedies, the seal fishery, the 1959 Badger riot, and young men and women who survived the 1929 Burin tidal wave, who cooked on the Labrador, and who marched off to war.



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