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Deeper Reflections of Life

Words to Inspire the Heart and Uplift the Soul

Stacey Ann Berry

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Belletristik / Lyrik, Dramatik


Deeper Reflections of Life: Words To Inspire The Heart and Uplift The Soul is a compilation of faith-inspired poems written by Stacey Ann Berry. This book took 20 years to write and is a tribute to Stacey's late mother, Winnifred Berry whose life and legacy inspired everyone who knew her. Stacey shares how her mother and older sister were both instrumental in her academic journey and overall success. Each poem takes readers on a journey of spiritual awakening, reveals Stacey's personal experience of joy, challenges, grace, sorrow, and God's love. Deeper Reflections of Life seeks to distinguish between having a spiritual connection with God and being religious. It's ideal for anyone who desires a more meaningful life rooted in faith.

Note: 10% of the annual book sales will be donated a charity, The Olive Branch of Hope (

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