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What's Next . . . For You?

The Gussin Guide to Big Changes, Big Decisions, and Big Fun

Patricia Gussin, Robert Gussin

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What's Next... For You? is the incredible story of Robert and Patricia Gussin, two retirees who watched with glee as long, successful careers in science and medicine gave way to writing, publishing, and winemaking. Much more than a memoir and anything but a how-to-start-a-business manual, What's Next... For You? is a clear, easy-to-understand guide to reinventing yourself from real experts- two people who did it themselves and lived to tell the glorious tale. Through the engaging, first-person, he said/she said narrative, Robert and Patricia Gussin deliver an inspirational guide filled with advice on why it's never too late to reinvent yourself, and why doing what you love (and loving what you do) is always within reach. A must-read tale of joyfully switching gears, changing careers, and overcoming paralysis by analysis, What's Next... For You? takes the mystery out of that all-too-common question of how to get from where you are to where you want to be.

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