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Donald Trump

The Man Who Would Be King

Danforth Prince, Darwin Porter

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Blood Moon Productions, a feisty independent press known for its occasionally lurid exposés of celebrity secrets, proudly announces the release, in advance of the presidential elections, of a flamboyantly outspoken personal and political biography of DONALD TRUMP.             To millions of ardent fans, Donald Trump will restore the American Dream. To his enemies, he is the country’s worst nightmare—a braggart, a fraud, a false prophet, and, to the most extreme of the Evangelists, “the Anti-Christ.”  Whether  or not he eventually occupies 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, he remains one of the most envied and reviled men on the planet.              In this unprecedented publishing event, celebrity spinmeisters Darwin Porter and Danforth Prince present the most revelatory profile of “The Donald” —uncensored, unexpurgated, and sometimes embarrassingly intimate —ever conceived and crafted.



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