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The Karma of Love

100 Answers for Your Relationship, from the Ancient Wisdom of Tibet

Geshe Michael Roach

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Geshe Michael Roach is an honors graduate of Princeton University who is also the first westerner in the 600-year history of Sera Mey Tibetan Monastery to be awarded the degree of Geshe, or Master of Buddhism.

He is a popular speaker who has constantly circled the globe, sharing this ancient wisdom with some 35,000 people per year, in over 75 cities of the world total, to help them have a more happy and successful life.

In this book, Geshe Michael has written out 100 of the most common questions he is asked by couples around the world who want to apply the deep knowledge of ancient times to their relationship. He then presents amazing, unexpected, and very effective answers to

each question, drawing directly from the ancient sources.

In 600 pages, the book goes into incredible detail on steps you can take to reach every goal, and overcome every challenge, in your relationship. There is a detailed index at the end which helps you immediately save time by turning directly to your specific problem or goal, without having to read the entire book. Immediate help for your own personal needs!

Whether your goal is to find the soulmate wife or husband of your life; to keep the one that you have already found; or to be truly happy with them for the rest of your life, this book has been praised as a godsend by hundreds of people around the world.

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