Chipper and the Unicycle

A kids book about a circus clown who wants to learn something new that answers the question, &quote;What is perseverance?&quote;

Don M. Winn

ca. 5,92
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Chipper and the Unicycle is Chipper's second adventure. The story finds the eager young clown, Chipper, traveling the world in search of a new act to keep the crowds entertained...a unicycle seems like just the thing! He figures he can learn to ride the unicycle with no trouble at all, since he already can ride a bicycle. How hard could it be? But it's hard. After only one day of trying, Chipper takes the unicycle back to the store in frustration. He learns that you have to work long and hard to make something look easy...but for him, it's worth the effort! In the end, Chipper understands that some pursuits take time and effort to master, and he learns the importance of perseverance.

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