Narrow Bridge

A Novel

J. J. Gesher

ca. 16,39
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Belletristik / Gegenwartsliteratur (ab 1945)


This ';stunningly original' debut novel follows a complex man on a journey of salvation after tragedy (The Jerusalem Post). Shortly after Orthodox Jewish Brooklynite Jacob Fischer puts his young family on a bus to visit relatives, the bus explodes in a horrifying act of terrorism. His faith shattered, Jacob flees the comforts of his community and disappears. He lands up in a predominantly black town in rural Alabama, where he meets Rosie, the single mother of a young son. Their developing relationshipalong with the rekindling of his love of musicprecipitates events that will change both their lives. ';A fast-paced, riveting read... a searingly unique and thought-provoking tale.' The Jerusalem Post ';Blazingly original and fiercely smart, A Narrow Bridge shows that who we love is really who we are.' Caroline Leavitt,New York Timesbestselling author ofCruel Beautiful WorldandPictures of You ';A gripping, heartbreaking, ultimately uplifting story of two broken people and the healing power of love. Beautifully drawn, the writing keeps you riveted page after fast-turning page.' Jeffrey Richman, six-time Emmy-winning executive producer ofModern FamilyandFrasier ';A moving story about the intersection between love and loss and an unsentimental exploration of the role of faith in healing. I held my breath until the very last word of this cinematic, compassionate, and compelling debut.' Michelle Brafman, author ofBertrand CourtandWashing the Dead ';An enjoyable, optimistic novel about how peopledespite cultural, religious and racial differencescan find comfort in each other's common humanity. It makes for very fine reading.' San Diego Jewish World

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