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The Wallstreet Retirement Conspiracy

A No Nonsense Approach to Retirement Income Planning

Philip Rousseaux

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The Wall Street Retirement Conspiracy: A No Nonsense Approach to Retirement Planning will help future and current retirees identify problems with the Wall Street Retirement system that is currently tricking retirees all over the country to making decisions that will fail them in their most critical years. This book will help you determine which retirement professionals are on your side and which have conflicts of interest with the products they sell or are going to strike you with hidden fees that will hobble your investments. The book is full of innovating fresh ideas that will help baby boomers retire and not gamble with the hard earned money they have accumulated for years. The Wall Street marketing machine has fooled millions of Americans into thinking the size of your nest egg is what is important, when it actually has nothing to do with your retirement income! The Wall Street Retirement Conspiracy will be a valuable resource for any future or current retirees, or the people who care about them.

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