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Costa Rica: The Complete Guide

Ecotourism in Costa Rica

James Kaiser

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Costa Rica is an eco-travel paradise! From pristine beaches and jungle waterfalls to high-altitude coffee farms, Costa Rica: The Complete Guide puts the best of Costa Rica at your fingertips.Over 130 five-star reviews for previous editions!Blending detailed travel tips with beautiful photography, this guidebook offers much more than just restaurant and hotel reviews. Fascinating chapters explore Costa Rica's unique history, culture, food, ecology and wildlife. Top 10 Ways to Avoid a Cultural Misunderstanding helps visitors avoid common and potentially embarrassing mistakes.Discover what makes Costa Rica one of the world's most amazing destinations. Soar above the cloud forest on a zipline at Monteverde. Spend the night at a deluxe ecolodge next to Arenal Volcano. Soak in the tropical beauty of Costa Rica's world-class beaches at Manuel Antonio National Park. Watch sea turtles lay their eggs at Tortuguero. Plan the perfect Costa Rican vacation!Filled with insider tips to save you time and moneyOver 300 beautiful color photosOver 30 detailed mapsFascinating chapters on History, Culture and FoodInformative guide to Wildlife and Ecology1% of profits are donated to environmental organizations working to preserve Costa Rica's biodiversity for future generationsPrinted on sustainable FSC paper

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