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The Things I Think I Think

Part One

Ben Donley

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Can a book be your life coach? 

Ben Donley thinks so...

Are you ready to Think?

If you are ready to start a thought movement that leads to better feelings, better

actions and a best life, this is the self-improvement read for you.

According to Aristotle, the unexamined life is not worth living,...which is EXACTLY why

he'd heartily endorse 'The Things I Think I Think' if you chanced upon him at

your local gyro food stand. This little book is a quirky collection of

proverbs, aphorisms, witticisms, and wisdom intended to spur your own thoughts

as you examine your life and maximize its livability.

Stuck in a rut? Consider this book a 4×4 with a winch!

Wanting a better marriage? Say "I Do" to this book. 

Desiring liberation from addictions, depression and/or anxiety? Emancipate yourself with

these proven escape strategies.

Hoping for spiritual truth to take you deeper and set you free? Apply within for your

personal Amen.

Looking for a practical guide to lead you to your vision, passion and purpose? Read on

for some directional 20-20. Ready to become a person who is experiencing high

levels of fame, fortune and influence? Ummm...keep looking. Sorry-this book

isn't for you!  

Seriously, this compendium of thoughts is packed full of real-world truth, interspersed

with eccentric randomness that is sure to help, challenge, and make you


Written by seasoned relationship coach and spiritual director, Ben Donley, 'The Things I

Think I Think' is packaged for maximum content and minimum

repetition. Every page contains a nutritious recipe designed to diversify

your mental microbiome (and limit the added sugars) dig in and start


Are you ready for a better, happier, more interesting life?

Read this book and go get one!

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