The Scourge Of Racism

Robert Kelley

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Religion/Theologie


     In this updated little book with its enormously significant prophetic message, Robert Kelley, biblically conservative Author of The Strong Man Of God: Back To Basics, appeals to conservative evangelical Christian leaders and men white, black and every other hue to take racism more seriously as sin within their ranks. He writes on the topic with a mixture of observation, personal experiences disclosing some of his early character flaws and failings from not being a Christian as well as later, spiritual immaturity, inspired biblical instruction and exhortation to obedience to Christ along with engagement in the tough work of healing racism's wounds.  Kelley concludes soberly challenging conservative evangelicals to become the solution to racism in the American Church and nation led out by aspiring strong men of God in the image of Jesus Christ!



Billy Graham, George Floyd, Professed Christians that deny the reality of America's historic and systemic racism are rejecting the plain judgment of Scripture, it is spiritual and sin!, Katrina, Racism is a scourge upon the soul!, Strong Men Of God, Racism is more than a social justice issue, John Perkins, The American Church as the Body of Christ is supposed to be a model of love and unity in its diversity, Conservative White Evangelicals